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Friday, June 5, 2009

Sial kau penipu!!!

Sir, i left my assignment at my room.
Wow, that dress really looks good on you.

Lies. We hear them everywhere. Be it from the mouth of a politician spreading around facts or a desperate student trying to cover up for his disregard for homework. Lies are being told all over the place by just about everybody you can name. What is a lie? A lie is an untruth, a false statement presented as being true, thus misrepresenting a situation or giving a totally wrong impression about something. However, it is not always wrong to lie. So now, I would like to convince u guys, lying is not always a bad thing.

So, this is where we begin. How many of you have never ever lied before? None. Now how many of you feel bad after you lied to someone? Ok. Those who felt bad, note this; you don’t have to be all the time. This is because, truth can be hurtful sometimes. Lets say that one day, your grandmother tried a new recipe specially for you who seldomly visits her. She worked really hard on it. When it comes to the taste, it was horrible. And then your grandma asked you how’d it taste. Will you have the gut to spill the truth after what she had gone through? See? This is when lie comes in handy. ‘It sure taste good grandma!’ These are things we usually find ourselves doing for the sake of maintaining a good relationship with people, telling ourselves by saying that 'Surely it's not wrong as long as it doesn't hurt the person'. Theres a Senegalese proverb saying that, ‘Lies that are built are better than truth that destroys’.

We sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we are forced to lie for the sake of protecting somebody. Lets say your friend broke an apparatus in the laboratory, a thermometer for instance. Your lab instructor are furious because the culprit doesn’t step forward. Rather to have the instructor to lost trust in the whole class, you step forward and say, ‘I did it’. You would be punished a little, but at least everybody else is of the hook. There are also times when we also have to tell lies to protect the innocent. If a child whose mother has died asks where her mummy has gone, you answer, 'She had to go somewhere very very far away' instead of ‘she’s dead’. Some people also lie to keep their children from knowing they have been adopted. This is indeed a need to protect people who do not yet understand the truth - until one day when that person is old enough to know and handle it.

We find fraud wherever we go such as health fraud and diet schemes. The motives may differ. There are those who are aware that they are deliberately misrepresenting the truth, but continue to do so anyway for the sake of business and money. Now, lets say that there is a man. He works as a salesman. One day, his company manufactured a new health product. He first tried the product and it didn’t work. However, while he was doing his job, he would spread this words, ‘sir, you have to buy this product. This product has been proven to be effective’. Instead of telling his customers, ‘don’t buy this product sir, its useless!’, he lied or else, it would cost him his job. Cases of fraud and misrepresentation of facts have been on the rise. Various new holistic medical practices, often with no evidence to prove their claims, are declaring that their health products can cure illnesses from the common cold to AIDS. But still, if you are in that man’s shoe, would you tell the truth?

So, as we speak, there are many out there lying to each other and lets say if you do, you don’t have to feel bad all the way. There are times where we need to lie as lying is a survival skill. We have to lie because truth really hurts sometimes and we have to maintain good relationship with others. We also lie to protect others especially the innocents. Last but not least, we lie for the sake of business and money. So, this shows that it is not always wrong to lie. Just a word of advice, if you decide to lie, make sure you don’t get caught. As Samuel Butler, a novelist, once said, ‘any fool can tell the truth, but it requires man with sense to lie well’.

memang agak ke-bangang-an time nih.. boleh pulak la time ni aku gatal-gatal nak demam.. memang sedap la aku tarik hingus kat depan lecturer..

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